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Posted 2 weeks ago 0 notes REBLOGGeorge Barris Santa Monica Beach photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe.
Posted 3 weeks ago 2 notes REBLOGSooooo obsessed with boyfriend jeans right now!
Posted 3 weeks ago 1 note REBLOGRemember how beautiful Kerry Washington’s dress was at the 2014 Oscars!!
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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg Portraits
Location: Sandton, Johannesburg , South Africa
Twitter : @ChisangaMubanga Instagram : @CoolCoolBeverage
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"With her school lacking desks, a student who has found one carries it home each day in a barrio of Managua." (December 1985)

what people do for education and here we have students complaining about an irrational system ..
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This is so to die for!
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Posted 1 month ago 93 notes REBLOGRick Owens… I love you.  One of my favorite parts of fashion week.  Talk about FIERCE!
Posted 1 month ago 9 notes REBLOGLupita=beauty.  She is such an inspiration to me and so many other woman.  I am SO glad she won best supporting actress at the Academy Awards!  Her performance in 12 years a slave was absolutely outstanding and if you haven’t seen the movie(which won best picture), then you need to fix that!  
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African Beauty on We Heart It.
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messing around with lipstick woops

Jessica the homiiiieeee
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Neuschwanstein castle by caitlindsey on Flickr.
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